Terms & Condition

Terms and Conditions.

Dear users!

We remind you of the rules for using of the payment system:

1) Within the framework of the payment system, only transactions of investment will be carried out. By using this system, you agree to this and the following rules.

2) When replenishing your balance, you have only given to transfer funds and update about the payment. If you made a transfer of funds and did not update the same to us, then you must inform the support of the Service and attach receipts confirming the payment with your recent bank statement.

3) Your name in bank record and in the merchant’s record should be exactly same.

4) Payment should be made to exactly same account which is given by us. In case of fund send to wrong account We are not responsible for any fund or refund.

5) 3rd party payment strictly not allowed. If 3rd party payment found, we may ask KYC and other details as per request from our legal team. we may impose penalties.

6) Cash deposit strictly not allowed in any case. As per MLA act cash deposit in any our given account is strictly not allowed and if someone deposit cash, we are not responsible for any amount, refund or any legal consequences. We may block his all-future transaction and he is not allowed our system again.

7) The amount of the transfer must be the same as in the specified by us, taking into account all the decimal places. Crediting of underpaid or overpaid funds is not made; a fine is withheld upon refund.

8) Sending funds should be made exactly according to the details that are displayed to you. It is forbidden to send the transfer again without receiving new details. When sending funds to the details that are not related to the ones shown, crediting is not made. In case of receipt of funds sent to the wrong details, they will be returned with a penalty.

9) When transferring funds, it is strictly forbidden to indicate any comments in the banking application. If comments are indicated, enrolment is made with a penalty.

10) When you try to attach false receipts for payment - the user account of the Service, whose services you pay for, will be disconnected from the payment method.

In case of violation of these rules, it is possible to impose penalties.